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Friday, March 1, 2024
The Observer

Students take jobs on campus, use JOBboard

Attending Notre Dame is far from a cheap venture for students and their families, but the University has resources available for students who need help covering costs. Campus employment is one way students can take the edge off tuition payments or make a little extra cash.

The Office of Student Employment reported over 40 percent of students take advantage of campus employment. Students work across campus in areas such as restaurants, academic buildings and residence halls.

Senior Justin Pham worked for the Center for Social Concerns (CSC) during his junior year. Pham, who was involved with the CSC in other capacities, said the job was in line with his academic interests.

"A job is a major commitment and once you have a job on campus you can appreciate that, but it can also be an opportunity to pursue your extra-curricular interests," Pham said.

Junior Eric Hinterman has worked in the Huddle since the beginning of his sophomore year and is now a manager. Hinterman, a chemical engineering major and member of the marching band, said despite having to balance his job with other commitments, he enjoys the routine of regular work.

"Having a job keeps me busy," Hinterman said. "I encourage freshmen to get a job because it allows you to learn time management skills."

The JOBboard program, an online resource available to students through InsideND, is one way the Office of Student Employment seeks to simplify the process of obtaining campus jobs.

The program serves as a hub for job offerings on campus and also provides limited off-campus opportunities. Listings are divided into categories, such as athletics, clerical and food service.

Sophomore Leah Corachea, who began working at Legends last year after finding the job listing on the program, said the categorization in the program allowed her to easily target the types of jobs she preferred.

"It is user-friendly and I still use it now," she said. "The format is helpful because it divides up the types of jobs."

Despite some students' successes finding employment through the program, student body president Patrick McCormick said student government is looking to increase the usability of the JOBboard.

"The JOBboard is an important program and we are currently looking into ways to improve it," he said. "We are in the review stage right now; so we would welcome any comments or suggestions from students."