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Sunday, March 3, 2024
The Observer


Kiser-Miller ticket wins 2024 ND student body election

The candidates ran on a platform that promotes new AI tool, dining hall and laundry changes

Junior Dawson Kiser and sophomore Maeve Miller were elected student body president and vice president Wednesday.

Judicial Council announced the election results in an email about two hours after voting closed.

The Kiser-Miller ticket received the support of 53% of valid voters. The second place Behn-Bowden ticket gathered about 26% of the vote, while the third-place Baird-Toth collected about 21%.

According to Judicial Council, more than 50% of the undergraduate student body voted. In total, 4,264 valid votes were cast. The turnout beat last year’s election, in which only 30% of undergraduate students voted but did not surpass the 2022 election, which garnered a turnout of about 58%.

Students could voice their opinion about who they wanted to lead student government during the 2024-2025 term by filling out a form on NDCentral.